2013 Spring Trip Grand Junction/Fruita

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Updated 5/13

* Grant isn’t going, so disregard him as a ride leader.
* Boy Scout is still too muddy (called gear exchange in Glennwood) , so Palisade Rim (8.7 miles, 1:45ish) in the AM, LL in the PM on Friday)


Information Sheet

Friday, May 17 through Sunday May 19th

#1Denver Departure

Meet location: Dakota Ridge Parking Lots I-70 & C-470
(Map included in “map section below”)

Departure meet time Friday, May 17th, 2013 8:00am
This group will depart at 8:00am and will stop in Glenwood to ride the BoyScout trail or may go directly to Grand Junction to ride the Lunch Loops on Friday pending trail conditions.
This group will be led by Grant Mike H

Depending on when you are going, plan to drive or contact the leader for your leave time PRIOR to the trip if you want/need to setup any carpooling.

And, for anyone coming later than this time, you can always join us in GJ at any of the ride meetup times and locations.


We are doing this ad hoc and people will need to book their own reservations.  I’m suggesting we all try to get in the same hotel and split a room with someone.

HOTELS – There are a number of hotels in Grand Junction and several below that are recommended by those that have stayed there. There are two main areas for the hotels. One area is right off of I-70 at the “Horizon” exit in the Bookcliff area. These are good and central with great access to both GJ and Fruita. The other area is downtown GJ which is neat with main street there and is closer to the Lunch Loops. Either way, our meetup spot will be the same for all rides and GJ is not that big so either area will work for anyone.

CAMPING – There is camping at 18 Road, however this can fill up at this time of year and it is true “desert camping” and a good 20 minutes from Fruita. There are not any great camping options in or near GJ, but the KOA

Camping Around GJ

Cabins & camping – Fruita

Hotel recommendation 1:
Quality Inn Grand Junction (Horizon area)
733 Horizon Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Get directions
(970) 245-7200
Notes: Roughly $60 per night so with 2 queens, ideal to share at $30 per person. Clean,free wifi,fridge, micro, bfast

Hotel recommendation 2:
Best Western Sandman Motel Grand Junction (Horizon area)
708 Horizon Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81506
(970) 243-4150
Get directions‎
Notes: Roughly $60 per night so with 2 queens, ideal to share at $30 per person.

 Hotel Recommendation 3:
Springhill Suites Grand Junction (Downtown area)
236 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 424-5777

Notes: Roughly $100 per night. Very nice with kitchenette.

#3 – Food

All food will be ad hoc. Please bring cash for food and be prepared with snacks etc. People will eat as groups as necessary but we are not planning any “organized” meals.

#4 – Meetup Spot for ALL Rides

All rides will use the same meetup spot:

Safeway Shopping Center Complex
681 Horizon Dr, Grand Junction, CO
(Map included in “map section below”)

Carpooling can occur as needed/desired from this lot with each ride.

#5 – Rides

*On Friday, we can ride with whomever we go out with and there are leaders designated to lead the group driving and riding.

Saturday, March 18th 2013

Ride 1 – Kokopelli Trails
Meetup spot in GJ
Leaders  –

We will leave the meetup spot and drive to the Loma exit outside Fruita to ride the Kokopelli trails. There are numerous options, but in general we will plan to ride a sampling of Moore Fun, Horsethief, Mary’s Loop, etc. We will be gone roughly 4-5 hours into the early afternoon.  It is a vast area and we may not get back to the cars so bring energy snacks, plenty of water and tools with you on the ride.

Ride 2 – Lunch Loops or TBD (Since we’re doing LL Friday, might decide on something else)
Leader –

We will leave the meetup spot and drive to the LL. We are considering the Ribbon Shuttle since we will be tired though this may require some additional driving. Bring lights in case we get near or past sundown.

Sunday, March 19th 2013

Ride 1 – 18 Road
Meetup spot in GJ
Leaders  –

Most of us will check out of our hotels this am. We will leave the meetup spot and drive to 18 Road outside of Fruita. There are A LOT of trails here and the way it is setup is to be able to do “runs.” We will park at the lower parking area and will do a bunch of 30-50min “runs” that will all basically end up back at the cars. So, you will be able to take rests and replenish food, water, etc. from your vehicle after each run. We will ride as long as we want to…probably 4-5 hours.

Ride 2 – TBD
Time TBD
Leaders – TBD


#6 – Maps

Various Maps below:


Denver Departure Meetup Location Map:



Grand  Junction Ride Meetup Location Lot Map:

GC meetup



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  1. davem says:

    Has anyone made lodging reservations yet? I tried the grand vista hotel on Horizon and it is full due to Graduation at Mesa State University that weekend.

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