2013 Fall Trip – Moab Utah

Page to coordinate Fall Moab plans

  •  18-22 September
  • Mark Wilson is coordinating, markkathw@me.com or 7202733612
  • Have reserved a house with 19 beds

Please PayPal the $20 deposit, not the full amount to me at mark.wilson@cadence.org

Potential Ride schedule:
The Whole Enchilada
Amassa Back, Rock Stacker, Captain Ahab
Mag 7
The Whole Enchilada or Grand Junction Lunch Loops

Trip Cost Estimate:
$25 for each shuttle to TWE The Whole Enchilada Shuttles
$80-90 for housing
$50-70 in gas money
$70-100 for food and drinks.

Moab Housing


Make your plans now, reserve that vacation time, Captain Ahab is calling you out..


4 Responses to 2013 Fall Trip – Moab Utah

  1. delphinide says:

    Mike Goertz: I am interested in going to Moab. How do I get the deposit to you?

  2. Moots (Mike H) says:

    On another thread….

    Please PayPal the $20 deposit, not the full amount to me at mgoertz51@gmail.com I’ll be sending in the check tomorrow.
    Michael Goertz

  3. Jovan says:

    If interested in leaving Tuesday evening to camp in Fruita then ride Wednesday morning, please let me know.

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